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Helicopter pilot Sara Denning joins a US Navy battle group with little fanfare, and that's just the way she likes it. Her philosophy is simple—blend in, be competent, and above all, never do anything to stand out as a woman. But somewhere along the way, she lost herself—her feminine, easy-going soul now buried under so many defensive layers, she can't reach it anymore.

When she meets the strong, self-assured Lieutenant Eric Marxen, those defenses start to falter. He coordinates flight operations for SEAL Team One and they begin to request Sara exclusively as the pilot for their training exercises. The end mission is so secret, even she doesn't know the reason behind her mandated participation. For the thousandth time in her career, she wonders if she'll have what it takes to get the job done, but for the very first time, she questions if her heart will get in the way.

Pictorial glossary—a visual guide to the ships, aircraft, and military maneuvers found in Hover

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Military Writers Gold Award

Suspense Magazine


  • Military Writers Society of America Gold Medal Winner
  • Romance Writers of America Golden Quill Award Winner
  • Suspense Magazine Best of 2015 Romantic Suspense Novel

"Tightly written training scenes make for a smart, absorbing thriller when the reluctant heroine is put to the test."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"Wilson offers a must-read that merges suspense, intrigue, and romance in a dynamic setting."
   —Library Journal

"Wilson's experience as an active-duty U.S. Navy helicopter pilot brings a nuanced perspective to her thrilling debut."

"Following in the steps of Nora Roberts and Sharon Sala, Wilson is a fresh new voice mixing suspense, mystery, and romance in an exciting new military themed offering."
   —Suspense Magazine

Golden Quill WinnerBest First Book
The Golden Quill is the internationally recognized published authors' contest hosted by the Phoenix Desert Rose Chapter of RWA®. Judged by librarians and romance readers, the Golden Quill honors some of the best romance fiction of the year.

"Hover is not only a perfect summer read; it's an absolutely perfect anytime read."
   —Arcadia News

"A novel that transcends romance and military fiction, Hover is this year's celebration of self-empowerment."
   —Working Mother Magazine

"This incredible debut novel is a refreshing change with a blend of action and romance. The author brilliantly details a strong woman living in a man's world. The heroine is brilliant yet terrified and insecure. The military theme is not at all intimidating for non-military types. Highly recommend to readers who like suspense and a great love story. Don't be surprised if your boyfriend/husband starts reading it after you finish it."
   —Chicklit Club

"An engaging new voice, crackling with authenticity."
   —CJ Lyons, New York Times bestselling author of Farewell to Dreams

"Dancing backwards in high heels is nothing next to trying to make it as a female helicopter pilot in a very male world, especially when the stakes are life and death. Heart-pounding action and a heroine to root for, plus the one soldier who might be man enough to win her—you won't want to put this one down."
   —Sophie Littlefield, bestselling author of The Missing Place

"Written with grit, moxie, and heart, Hover dials up a memorable heroine thrown into a unique, exhilarating setting with an equally heart-pounding love interest. Lt. Sara Denning will charm and impress readers in a debut that is thrilling, romantic, and flat out cinematic."
   —Michelle Gable, New York Times bestselling author of A Paris Apartment

Forge Books, Hardcover, June 2015, ISBN: 978-0765378491